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Visit collectAI at Kiosk 82 at Money20/20

Meet Sebastian, Max and Ulf at booth K82 to find how our AI-based software platform disrupts traditional receivables management process. Find out how smart receivables management improves the recovery rate, reduces costs and optimizes customer retention. This enables us to flexible optimize the receivables management services:

The solution covers all parts of the payment reminder process:
  • Digital Invoice
  • Smart Payment Reminders
  • Client-branded Payment Pages

Revolutionizing Receivables Management in Banking with Hanseatic Bank

Information is as important as cash. Our services include digital invoices, smart payment reminders and individual client-branded payment portals. This helps increasing the collection rate as well as their customers’ willingness to pay. By using smart technology, banks get to know their customers and learn from them.

Hanseatic Bank, a 75 percent subsidiary of Société Générale, implemented our software platform for digital receivables management to enhance customer centricity while improving essential KPIsIn the first six months of the collaboration, collectAI’s smart customer communication approach increased Hanseatic Bank’s collection rate by 24 percent in total. It also reduced the bank’s expenses for receivables management by 88.6 percent. Find out more about the collaboration with Hanseatic Bank here


»Customer-centric collections is key for our digital transformation strategy. Thanks to collectAI’s solution we successfully increased the efficiency of our account receivables management and optimized customer retention with a higher satisfaction. Further key results were an overall higher cash flow, a faster execution as well as a reduction of the communication costs.«
Michel Billon, Managing Director, Hanseatic Bank  


White paper: How banks enhance customer loyalty through digital transformation

Banks are facing new challenges to keep their customers. Find out how artificial intelligence enhances customer-centricity while delivering better results in receivables management. 

Request the free white paper here.

Are you ready for smart receivables management?

Meet our colleagues Sebastian, Max and Ulf at this year's Money20/20 to get in-depth insights on how banks and companies from other industries such as utility and e-commerce benefit from smart, AI-driven automation! 


How collectAI redefines receivables management

collectAI is a software platform for intelligent receivables management with digital, AI-based payment services. It offers modular or holistic products invoice, payment reminders and white-label payment pages. The smart technology flexibly optimizes the goals of higher collection rates, cost reduction and customer loyalty and combines digital communication channels with a variety of payment methods for a smooth process. Thus, collectAI fundamentally improves the customer experience and places the needs of the end user at the center of the service. collectAI, founded in 2016, is an affiliate company of one of Germany's largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group. To date, collectAI is helping more than 30 businesses across all industries to digitize and automate their receivables management processes.